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Every estate sale is unique with items such as furniture, clothing, appliances, linens, silver, china, and other household items. Some estate sales might include one-of-a-kind items like works of art, jewelry, and antiques. We recommend having us walk through your home before you begin the process of cleaning or donating items. 

Our team of professionals will assess the value of the home contents, organize, display, and make sure everything runs efficiently from when the buyers arrive, to the moment they leave. Preparation for a sale is a large part of the success. We remove all items from drawers, closets and containers to determine what is where, what needs to be cleaned and to give large and small items attention. We will organize, price and tag merchandise prior to sale.


We can make arrangements to assist with clearing out all the leftover contents of the house at the end of the sale, and we are sure to leave everything clean and tidy once we depart.

Organizing & STaging

In order to maximize the profitability of the sale, we move, clean, and organize furniture, decor, small items and any item that will be for sale. We stage items to improve the shopping flow for customers and to encourage purchases.

Research & Pricing

We price items based on our experience, knowledge, and several other factors to determine our price. We use unique strategies and techniques to sell your items, along with several different selling avenues.

Marketing & SaleS

In order to reach as many buyers as possible, we market the sale to several niches. We utilize online sites, apps, local resources, and relationships in order to ensure the items find a new home.

Clean-Up & Removal

We tailor our clean out service to your needs for removing items from the property. We offer a range of services starting from leaving items that you wish to keep, to removing everything including trash and working with local donation centers. 

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